In business, things can change fast. One minute, everything’s running smoothly. The next, you’re at a risk of losing everything. Whether your competition step-ups their game or the market crashes, there are a lot of changes that you can’t control. One of them is the marketing environment. It often changes faster than we can all get to grips with. But, luckily for us all, it’s also one of those changes that we can track, adapt to and even benefit from. If you feel like you’re lagging behind in the marketing world, here’s a little debrief on what you need to know about modern marketing.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is way more than just PR and advertising now. Yes, many of the new methods of marketing can be technically classes as a form of PR or advertising, but there are so many different techniques available that it can be hard to keep up. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to your old tried and tested ways and fall behind because of it. If you know a bit about your business imageand how to promote yourself, you’re off to a good start. But now, you need to get stuck into the digital world. Affiliate marketing, blogger outreach, and content marketing are all ways to create a bit of buzz about your business.

Reviving The Classics

PR and advertising are the two staples of marketing. They’re often the two forms that we all start out with. But, these days, they look a little different. Classic PR still works, and networking can get you far, but it’s not the only option you have. You can also get a lot of the same benefits by focusing on Digital PR, promoting via social media and connecting with bloggers rather than the traditional press. And when it comes to your execution, here is why you’ll want to distribute your own press releases.

Connecting With Customers

Building a personal connection with your customers is a lot easier now than it has ever been. Whereas before, advertising was very much a you shouting about your business, one-way communication method. Now, it’s a conversation, and an involve multiple streams of conversation. Instead of calling up the cable network and dropping half a mil on a TV ad, you’ve got the option to place interactive adverts online, and connect with your customer like never before. With social media advertising, you can even take on their feedback too. Now, advertising is very much an ongoing conversation; one that both you and your customer will benefit from.

Doing Things Your Own Way

One of the best things about modern marketing is the idea that you can do it all your own way. At one time, there were rules. If you wanted to do well, you had to mange your PR like this and your advertising like that. But now, your choice of marketing is there to be customized. The important thing is, to try a few things and get a feel for what techniques and what platforms work best for your business, the market you’re in and the audience you’re trying to reach.

Photo courtesy of zenruption