We do Media — and, Publicity is a large part of it. We are connected to all forms of media from television, digital, print, podcasts and radio. We are most happy working with clients, who in their own way, are making the world a little better. We work tirelessly to get our clients, and their message, the attention they deserve which means getting them featured through media exposure from appearances on shows as prominent as CNN and The Doctors, to publications like USA Today and the LA Times.  We have relationships with large media conglomerates as well as targeted audiences.

We Write — a lot. We create original content that includes SEO campaigns. We write for websites, magazines, campaigns and blogs. We’re involved in screenwriting, book writing, speech writing, and commercials.

We tell your stories Visually. We are fortunate to work with some of the best video producers, editors, designers and writers in the world. 

We at Eidi Communications build relationships with media outlets, large and small. We are able to leverage these relationships to get publicity for our clients. This includes television appearances, features, published articles, radio and podcast interviews as well as social media campaigns. In all areas of media, we have expertise and contacts to make sure we get your brand and message heard.