By Jerry Mooney and Lila Eidi

Music festivals attract a lot of people and Treefort is no exception. Hundreds, and we mean hundreds, are already descending upon Boise to catch more than 400 bands, art, food, film, stories, and so much more. As the already populated area integrates these newcomers, we would like to provide some tips on how to show kindness during the festival.

Self Kindness

First of all, be kind to yourself. Make sure you take care of your basic needs, like hydration, food, and appropriate clothing (weather appropriate). 

Plan ahead. If you create an idea of how long you will be out and where, it is easier to accommodate logistical issues like where and when to eat, when to take breaks, and how to meetup with fellow festival goers. 

Allow the day to unfold organically. If you miss something because something else became a priority, allow yourself that deviation. Remember, you’re there for your enjoyment. 

Have a system for your keys, wallet etc. so that you don’t lose track of these essential items, and create a regrettable situation. 

Check in with your friends and family so they know where you are and how you are doing. Festivals can be long days and some simple communication can be helpful and potentially allow for assistance like pick-ups, shuttles, break-stations and even room accommodations. But communication is key. 

Give yourself the option of not attending every single event. There is so much, and FOMO can cause us to push too hard. You’re human and can’t do/see everything. That’s okay. 

Community Kindness

Remember that you are part of a community and when we are kind to each other it is contagious. Some things aren’t always identified as kindness, because they aren’t directly at people, but reflect a caring and kind engagement with our community. Here are some examples:

Please pick up your trash. Many hands make small work and when we take care of our own waste, there is less work for others and less communal eye-sores. Nobody wants to walk around Armageddon. Not kind.  

Be Courteous as you move through crowds.

We all must coexist. Nobody wants to endure sharp elbows, pushy people or invasions of their space. Be patient and allow yourself to politely get to your destination.Definitely don’t cut in line. In short, don’t be that guy or gal. Not kind. 

Be nice to staff, volunteers and security. They are working their tails off to make your experience better when they probably would prefer to be taking in the music. Wave, say hello to them. Be kind. 

In summary, being courteous is being kind. Be kind to yourself and others and we will all have a great music festival. 

*Photo courtesy of Boise Foodie Guild