Photo courtesy of Nick Page

By Jerry Mooney 

When we discuss kindness, it often revolves around person to person interactions where the kindness is obvious, direct and isolated. For example, a Boy Scout helps a lady cross the road. This is a kind act and a heartening visual for those who witness it. But not all acts of kindness are that dramatic and are even lost in the din of living in a city. 

These acts can be allowing fellow drivers to merge into your lane or letting the person with only a few groceries go in front of you in the check out line. Sometimes these acts don’t make headlines, but they are meaningful in an ever-growing city. We, at Keep Boise Kind, often talk about growth and the effects on traffic and housing, but our beautiful city is also blessed with a river and along it a greenbelt. This majestic stretch of road is a haven for a casual walk, a jog or bike ride. As the city grows, so too does this path’s traffic. 

This is just a little reminder that we can all enjoy this scenic path, but more people means a greater responsibility to act courteously and with understanding. Bike riders will certainly travel faster than those on foot. It is the rider’s responsibility to signal those down-flow of them that they are approaching. You will often hear, “On your left.” This simple utterance signals that it would be unwise to move suddenly in that direction. It also keeps people from being startled by the whooshing of a passing bicycle. 

These things hold true for rollerblades, runners etc. The person in front of you, especially a slower moving person, has the right of way and a simple signal makes the path more friendly for everyone involved. 

Enjoy the greenbelt and stay kind. And remember, courtesy is kindness.