Before you feel intimidated about the number of things you have to learn about digital marketing, you need to understand the fundamentals of SEO. Google constantly introduces new updates and changes its algorithms, which is why you need to remain updated with the latest strategies and core fundamentals about search engine optimization.

1.       Understand the big picture: Before you start with individual SEO tricks, you need to think about the big picture, which is the goal of SEO. SEO helps you optimize the site so that it is at the top of the search engine results that are relevant to your industry. This needs relevant content on your website and how Google views your site to be. It all depends on the algorithms of Google and the different ways you can improve your site.

2.       Domain authority: The domain authority is a score which decides how trustworthy your domain is. It is calculated keeping the quality and quantity of the inbound links on your website The higher the score, the higher your pages will rank in organic search results. Further, you can use page authority in order to favor some of your pages over others and it also depends on the volume of inbound links.

3.       On-site optimization: This is a technique that makes the website more visible to the search engines. It includes the optimization of the title, meta descriptions and ensuring that the site code is minimal. It is also important to provide relevant content on each and every page.

4.       Content marketing: Content marketing is an entirely distinct strategy where high-quality content is developed over time and it will allow you to optimize your target keywords and build the authority of the site. You will be able to create a recurring audience based on the type of content you share.

5.       Link Building: SEO is about using the right keywords and placing links at the right place. Guest posting is a popular way of building links and there are other benefits as well. The idea is to create content on external websites and build a company brand so that it can be linked back to your site.

6.       Keyword research: SEO is all about using the right keywords and this needs a lot of research. Depending on the keywords that your consumers use to search, you will be able to draw traffic. Build content around the keywords that are popular and often used by consumers. This will ensure that whenever a consumer searches for a product or service using a particular keyword, your business will show up. You need to integrate these keywords into your content in the right manner.

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