Are You Making These Keyword Mistakes?

The SEO strategy you need to consider should always have keywords that you want to rank. However, is ranking keyword such a simple task? Well, it is not that simple as it sounds. People commit mistakes while searching for keywords that will not deliver them the maximum output. Here is a list of things that people do wrong related to keyword search for their business.

Are You Sure You Are Conducting Your Research Aptly?

Yes, we are all familiar with the fact that keyword research requires a lot of time and energy investment. Perhaps, that is the reason why people do not conduct research through and through. People end up guessing what their audience will search and use the keywords that come to their mind. This is where people go wrong. The business revolves around people and to understand people and their requirements, an in-depth study needs to be conducted. Ensure, you put the required amount of energy and time to know what keywords will your audience look for?

Do Not Stick to One Keyword List: after conducting research, you should never stick to it for a lifetime. People’s behavior changes with time and so do their preferences. Therefore, update your list of keywords from time to time. In fact, chances are your business also changes with time and now because of the business focus, you need a new set of keywords altogether.  

Are The Keywords Realistic?

Most of the times, we end up using keywords that are not even fruitful for our business. For instance, a startup using competitive keywords. If you are a startup company too, then you need to avoid using competitive keywords. Here is an example; imagine you are running your own fitness business. Instead, of using words like weight loss, fat loss, etc. try using a list of keywords – being fit for ladies or fitness for women entrepreneur. This will make your business more search due to these keywords. Ranking of competitive keywords is usually high which means it is not unique.  

Do You Know What Shall Give You More Results – Singular or Plural Keywords?

Whilst searching for keywords that will deliver high ranking to our business, we do not even consider the type of keyword we need to use. Before you list of keywords for your business, make certain you know what people are searching – vacation or vacations, sports equipment or sports pieces of equipment? Even after Google has minimized the difference between plural and singular, still, some search engines do not behave the same. Google trends are what you need to see when confused about which form to use.

Yes, Synonym Always Work: if you are not sure which to use – singular or plural form of keywords, try using synonyms. If you do not know which keywords will help you the most and to which keywords you need to add a backlink, then get the right solution from SEOJet that knows how to use a combination of the two forms to deliver top-notch results.  

Is Evaluating Essential?

Do you really think that searching for the right keyword is more than enough? Well, if yes, then you are living in denial. Finding the right keywords for ranking is important but knowing if these are working for your business is essential too. Ensure you search your focused keywords online but not from your own Google browser as it has your history and it will pick the information on its own. Instead, try an unknown browser and see if your article or the website is seen in search results or not.

How Many Keywords Should You Use in A Blog?

Now most marketers think, having one keyword in a blog is more than enough. However, that is not true. Diversity always benefits. Instead of sticking to one, try using a mixture of keywords. From a single keyword to a long-tail keyword should be a part of the blog. Remember, the key here is, do not try to forcefully add a keyword in your blog. If it does not fit then let it be.

To Conclude:

Conducting research usually is a long process and needs a lot of patience. But, it is crucial that you take the time you need in order to list out the keywords you need to rank for. Do not forget to try various keyword strategies and figure out what works for your business. In fact, if you need help, try consulting a professional for it but do not experiment with your business unknowingly.

This article is courtesy of our client zenruption